The Classic & Mirror Booth Print Design Gallery


The creation of the perfect print design is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of hiring any photo booth as it ultimately represents the final product your guest and clients will receive and treasure. Your final print design should reflect the exact style and feel of your event and additionally convey a desired message in an impacting and stylish way. My Photo Booth Experience proudly offers an extensive range of customisable print designs for you to choose from, all of our designs are compatible with both our Classic Photo Booth and our Mirror photo booth hire packages. With over 1000 print designs to choose from we are sure to be able to accommodate every taste and every occasion!

Take the time to take a look at our print design gallery and select one of our amazing designs to accompany either your Classic Photo Booth or Mirror photo booth. There are over 1000 print designs to choose from and each design can be tailored and amended to suit your requirements.



You are free to browse the online print design gallery at any time, however you must have secured a booking with us prior to submitting a design request form! Upon securing your booking with us you will be eligible to submit your selection via the request form that follows your chosen design.

Once your request form has been submitted and registered against your booking, we are unable to change your design free of charge. Additional charges will apply should you wish to change you initial selection!

When selecting a template for the Mirror Photo Booth please be aware that the Mirror takes pictures in portrait. You can still select any template but it will be reconfigured to a portrait design.

When selecting a template for the Classic Photo Booth please be aware ONLY TEMPLATES WITH LANDSCAPE PHOTOS are compatible.

If you are experiencing any problems viewing the print design gallery then please refresh this page!