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Photo Mosaic Wall

My Photo booth Experience

hundreds of small images = 1 awesome branded mosaic

Digital Mosaic

Digital brandable content

Create fully brandable, digital content to give your brand the exposure it deserves. Stream the digital mosaic live on the web to offices all over the world, simply enter the unique URL into your browser and stream the digital mosaic in real-time.
This great online feature enables consumers who aren't at the event to still be part of the digital mosaic, simply upload your image through our website and you to will be included in the digital mosaic.

The process

Photo mosaic wall, how does it work?

The photo mosaic wall can be hired on its own or paired with any of our photo or mirror booths. The images that are captured with a booth are sent directly to the photo mosaic wall. An adhesive tile is then printed with a grid coordinate which can then be applied to the mosaic grid.
As well as a photo or mirror booth the photo mosaic wall can also add images from relevant #tags like Twitter & Instagram as well as any smart device which is connected to our WiFi.

Push through social

Exposure through social & #tags

Push your brand's event through social media to maximize exposure. The photo mosaic wall can monitor an event #tag through one Instagram account and the Twitter platform. Simply take your photo, upload through your social account, add the relevant #tag and post your photo. The mosaic software monitors the #tag so every new photo upload will be added to the photo mosaic, digital or physical wall.

You choose

Add a photo booth or mirror booth

Even though you can use #tags and various devices to capture the images for the photo mosaic wall we recommend you choose a photo or mirror booth as the main source for capturing content. My Photo Booth Experience offers a range of photo booths for you to choose from.
We've even created fully inclusive photo mosaic packages, you just need to pick which one best suits you.